Ted Morgan
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Wordsmith's Wanderings First Edition.
Author: Ted Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299049
Hard Back 78 Pages
Published 1st November 2014


Rest Of  World
Having lived a life that includes National Service, Mountain Rescue, and a career in General and Psychiatric Nursing, combined with a life of pot holing, mountain climbing and travelling the world, whilst slipping in a marathon or two, it is safe to say that Ted has seen the best and the worst of people and life.
Using his own personal experiences and observations that span his 76 years, these poems and rhymes contain some deep emotions, and at times great humour. His observations of day to day life will touch you deeply, or make you smile as you journey through what is the delightful collection of a wordsmith wandering. 

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Pergrinations of the Wordsmith     First Edition.
Author: Ted Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299180
Paper Back 98 Pages
Published 18th November 2016

Rest Of  World
Following on from what was his successful debut, Wordsmith’s Wanderings.

Ted presents us with yet more captivating and inspiring poems and rhymes, based on his experiences of life today, and from his past 70+ years. This collection of deeply thoughtful and at times very humorous poems and rhymes, encapsulates a life that has involved, National Service, Mountaineering, and a career as a Psychiatric Nurse, all of which have presented the best and the worst aspects of life.

Using his own personal experiences, Peregrinations of the Wordsmith, will move you deeply and also cheer you on with his frank and straight laced humour, as he observes life through the eyes of a Wordsmith. Another delightful and beautiful collection from Ted, and a wonderful follow on to Wordsmith’s Wanderings.
Silhouette Soldiers And Other Verse     First Edition.
Author: Ted Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299197
Paper Back 86 Pages
Published 19th June 2019

Rest Of  World
Another wonderful selection of Poems and Verse, taken from his long life.

Silhouette Soldiers takes a look across the whole of Ted’s life, and shows how events before his birth played a vital role in shaping the life and the person he is today. Yet another thought provoking, and at times humorous take on the life of a reflective man.