Colin Smith
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Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now First Edition.
Author: Colin Smith.
ISBN: 978-1910299166
Paperback 166 Pages
Published 1st August 2016


Rest Of  World
Is death really the end?

Andy Reardon is about to find out and hes beginning to wish it was.

When Andy discovers his number is up he finds the afterlife is not exactly fluffy clouds, harps and Saint Peter. What will Andy do about his dead wives? He has three of them, all chomping at the bit to see Andy again but none of them quite how Andy remembers.

With Jesus Christ and Adolph Hitler dishing out advice, Andy might make the right decision and be happy for all eternity.

This black comedy takes Andy on the trip of a death time and leaves him to make choices hed never dream he would ever have to make.

A brilliantly witty and hilarious play by Colin Smith

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