Mike Beale
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Crumble's Adventures First Edition.
Author: Mike Beale.
ISBN: 978-1-910299-06-7
Paper Back 114 Pages
Published 31st August 2015


Rest Of  World
Life for Crumble the smooth haired Jack Russell was very hard indeed, living on the streets and begging for food.

Until that is, she met the Teddy Bear faced Alex, who had a liking for adventure, exploring, and chasing rabbits. With good food and a warm bed in a safe home, it is not long before the adventures begin.

Inspired by the real life dogs of the author. Crumble’s Adventures, is a tale of friendship, and how a chance encounter can change your life for the better forever. Beautifully illustrated by Maureen Fayle, this is a wonderful book for young readers and an ideal adventure for storytime.

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