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Patrica Lillian Morgan Remembered.
Violet Circle Publishing © 2014
In Loving Memory

Patricia Lillian Morgan.

Lost to us Thursday November 21st 2013.

Patricia Lillian Morgan is a very special person to us at VCP, because she was MUM.

She was our Step Mum, yet we never used the title in its fullest, simply because she was very simply a wonderful loving and caring mum to us, and a wonderful Granny to all our children. She was so deeply loved, but I am quite sure she knew that, and she was taken from us far too early, leaving a massive hole in our lives, which will take many years to fully heal. This is her page and a marker in time to remember her always.
Mum struggled with her fight with Cancer for over ten years, and she was adamant she would beat it and put up one hell of a fight, and for a time she was clear, and things were wonderful and happy. She played a very active role in our Wedding, and because of her, it made the day a wonderful and special experience we shall never forget. Sadly two years ago (2012) the cancer returned, and this time it had returned to her spine, but none the less she fought on.
In all of the time she fought it, she never complained, she endured the pain and the treatments, and always did her best to be happy and cheerful, and so loving to our children, she made times very special for them. Her belief that VCP would make it into the publishing world never faltered, she was adamant that we would get here, and it would prove to be a success. She constantly encouraged and supported us, even when we had moments of doubt, the greatest sadness is she never got to see it as we did it MUM, through all the trials we faced, we made it.
No one can even imagine the suffering that is inflicted on a family through Cancer. Mum showed bravery beyond us, and our father, who was her principle carer, was struggling under the weight of the strain on him. It takes over your life, as there are so many things you have to do, and remember, and you can become very isolated and alone, trapped in the downward spiral of patient and carer, but there is hope.

Two organisation's played a huge role in the two years of battle for our parents, and VCP has chosen them to support, we hope you too will join us in such worthy causes.

Macmillan Nurses, visited regularly and brought comfort and relief to mum, they also helped my father face the reality of the situation, and helped him with paperwork and the administration of all the many complex aspects of taking care of mum. As the children watching our parents, and feeling worried and concerned every day, Macmillan helped us relax a little knowing both of our parents were in good hands.
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Bolton Hospice. There came a time when the care of mum was far too much for our father, and the hospice took over, admitting mum to the highest level of care any child could ask for a parent. They showed such respect and concern for mumís best welfare in all they did for her, making her comfortable and giving our father some much needed respite, at a time when mum was deteriorating rapidly. When mum passed away, their caring sensitivity towards our father and the family was faultless. Nothing was too much trouble, and every wish and request was carried out with great dignity and compassion, as they made all the arrangements to aid our father. All of this from an organisation run completely on the funding provided by generous donations. They need every penny that can be given, and it is money well spent, take it from a family who received the very best from them.
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These are the most worthwhile of causes, and we pledge to give them our full support, we hope you would consider making a small donation in the name of Patricia Lillian Morgan.

Corinne and Robin Morgan. VCP.

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