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Books Available from Violet Circle Publishing
Heirs to the Kingdom Book One: The Bowman of Loxley (Revised Edition)
Author: Robin John Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299005
Paper Back: 426 pages
Published 11th May 2014.

A young boy of natural ability with a long bow is confronted with his destiny from a distant past, and will have to face overwhelming odds.
With a close group of friends, he tries to unite a Britain torn apart by the deadly virus the red death, and oppose the tyranny of the powerful Lord Knox .   
Set in the future of 2038, in a world that is changing, he sets out on a journey filled with the surprises of a mystical past, as everyone around him discovers talents that they were unaware of.
     This is a captivating, and thought provoking, yet at times humorous tale with some very heart warming moments. It has a contemporary feel that highlights many issues of life today, and the links we all hold to our past.
     This book will leave you thinking long after the book has been put down. A thrilling story ideally suited for teenagers and beyond of fantasy and adventure.
A wonderful debut by author Robin John Morgan
Heirs to the Kingdom Book Two: The Lost Sword of Carnac (Revised Edition)
Author: Robin John Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299012
Paper Back: 382 pages
Published 17th May 2014.

Having accepted his destiny, and left Loxley to prevent Mason Knox from stealing the crown of England, Robbie has to decided his next move. His brother Billy is now his enemy, and the true fight for the woodland realm has begun.
Mason Knox has been stopped, but not defeated. Robbie and his group must return to Loxley in preparation for the backlash of the forces of those bearing the red dragon. A dark force is rising in the north, and soon they will face some of their greatest challenges, as Knox retaliates with brutal force, and events spiral out of control.
With Rune, he must prepare to seek the lost sword, with no idea of where to begin looking.
The pressure rises and the tension builds, as Rune’s new powers appear to drain her strength, as she senses other powers moving towards them.
Who is the owner of the Sword of Knowledge? Where is the lost sword of honour, and who will wield it? The silent stones guard the answers, as Loxley becomes the focus of everything. Many answers lie hidden under the veil of the coming of the age of dreams, and Robbie has yet to find them. 
This is the second part of the series ‘Heirs to the kingdom,’ and a superb companion to book one. The story really begins, and from page one, it twists and turns with excitement, magic, and adventure. Filled with humour and some gripping moments, this is a wonderful follow up to the Bowman of Loxley.
Heirs to the Kingdom Book Three: The Darkness of Dunnottar. (Revised Edition)
Author: Robin John Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299029
Paper Back: 412 pages
Published 17th May 2014.

When Mason Knox arrived on the shores of Scotland, just below Stonehaven, he was seen as a hero and saviour, as his men unloaded food and building materials. Twenty six years later, it has become a very different story.
Those who lived a woodsman’s life have been forced into slave labour, under the industry of Knox’s expanding of his concrete and stone empire. Rose Mackintosh and Sinclair Forbes, are two of the Scottish resistance for the woodland people, fighting a desperate battle to survive and protect their way of life.
Both of them fear the large castle of black stone that has appeared off the headland almost over night. Its tower is the shape of large raven, which faces the shore and terrifies all who see it. Deep inside the dark brooding castle, the Dark One has Leenard imprisoned, and with her vile first-born son returned, she seeks to destroy the woodland realm, and especially Robbie and Runestone.
It is time for Lord Loxley to extend his arm and bring aid to those in most need, the moment has arrived for Runestone to use all that she has learned, and help Robbie face his darkest task to date. Accompanied by his Specialists, they will all face their deepest fears as they enter the castle on Dunnottar Island and confront the evil that awaits them.
Part three of this adventure, fantasy series Heirs to the kingdom will take you into a darker and more gripping adventure, as this captivating story takes yet more twists in another unexpected direction.
Heirs to the Kingdom Book Four: Queen of the Violet Isle. (First Edition)
Author: Robin John Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299030
Paper Back: 434 pages
Published 30th May 2014.

War is coming to the Green Realm. The Black city is filling fast with the deadly hordes that have been sent from Scotland. Boats are arriving packed with forces sent from London by Mason Knox, and they have only one thing in mind, the total destruction of York on route to Loxley.
It is a time for the coming of Queens, as Runestone nears her moment of birth, yet the happy event brings great fear, as the Woodland Realm knows, the Birth of a new Queen to the Isle of Fae will mark the start of brutal attack, and the war will begin to take over the land.
The pressure is rising as Robbie feels torn between defending his realm and protecting his wife during her moment of Birth.
The Raven is watching and waiting, as she releases her devious dark creatures into the daylight, in hope of destroying Runestone in her one moment of weakness.
Heirs to the Kingdom Book four takes up the pace, and piles on the pressure as the adventure races into new realms and new challenges, with action from the start. Tears and laughter combine with the twists and turns of shock, fantasy, and adventure in this most gripping part of this series to date. You will not put this book down once you open the first page.
Wordsmith's Wanderings  First Edition.
Author: Ted Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299049
Hard Back 78 Pages
Published 1st November 2014
Having lived a life that includes National Service, Mountain Rescue, and a career in General and Psychiatric Nursing, combined with a life of pot holing, mountain climbing and travelling the world, whilst slipping in a marathon or two, it is safe to say that Ted has seen the best and the worst of people and life.
Using his own personal experiences and observations that span his 76 years, these poems and rhymes contain some deep emotions, and at times great humour. His observations of day to day life will touch you deeply, or make you smile as you journey through what is the delightful collection of a wordsmith wandering. 

Heirs to the Kingdom Book Five: Crystals of the Mirrored Waters. (First Edition)
Author: Robin John Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299050
Paper Back: 418 pages
Published 28th February 2015.

It is the start of the Age of Dreams, and the true heir to the throne has been found. The secrets of the past are revealed, as the truth guides everyone towards their destiny. Lord Loxley has to recover the sceptre of kings so he can legitimately crown the king and prevent Mason Knox from stealing the throne, but Mason has other plans, as he strikes hard against York on his way to Loxley. Morgan has discovered the whereabouts of a deadly weapon hidden long ago, and is plotting to steal it in her bid to destroy Runestone and her circle. 
The time is running out and now Loxley has to act, and a realm sealed long ago must be reopened again to allow the Lord of Loxley to seek out the hidden crystals that will seat a king and stop the dark forces, but there are hidden dangers and vile creations that will test the resolve of everyone within the Specialist’s as they meet their deadliest opponent yet.
Look to the past, for there lies the answers to the future, sharpen your sword, load your arrows, and hold your breath, as this fifth book takes you into the fast twists and turns of yet another tense, thrilling and unexpected piece of the HTTK puzzle. 
Crumble's Adventures. (First Edition)
Author: Mike Beale.
ISBN: 978-1910299-06-7
Paper Back: 114 pages
Published 31st August 2015.

Life for Crumble the smooth haired Jack Russell was very hard indeed, living on the streets and begging for food.

Until that is, she met the Teddy Bear faced Alex, who had a liking for adventure, exploring, and chasing rabbits. With good food and a warm bed in a safe home, it is not long before the adventures begin.

Inspired by the real life dogs of the author. Crumble’s Adventures, is a tale of friendship, and how a chance encounter can change your life for the better forever. Beautifully illustrated by Maureen Fayle, this is a wonderful book for young readers and an ideal adventure for storytime.

Books Listed in order of publication.
Heirs to the Kingdom Book Six: Last Arrow of the Woodland Realm. (First Edition)
Author: Robin John Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299074
Paper Back: 432 pages
Published 31st October 2015.

Robbie has completed his task, the heirs have been found, the young king discovered, and the Sceptre has been lifted from the Mirrored Waters. All is not well, and after the hardest fight of their lives, the Specialists are separated and in very bad shape. The queen of the Fae Ofmoon has her seat, but she must wait for the full cycle of the moon before she truly has control of the realm. The Dark One has been interrupted but not defeated as Runestone lies beaten by the Star of the Merle. Time is ticking away until Amethyst can rebuild the realm, and darker forces are already at work, as the race to claim the realm continues.

There are many questions and so little time for answers, as the pressure mounts and the fight is back on fuelled by desperation. This is the most illuminating and gripping adventure yet, as weaves and twists with laughter, tension and some big surprises that will leave you breathless and at a loss for words.

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now. (First Edition)
Author: Colin Smith.
ISBN: 978-1910299-16-6
Paper Back: 166 pages
Published : Aug 1st 2016
Is death really the end? Andy Reardon is about to find out and he’s beginning to wish it was.
When Andy discovers his number is up he finds the afterlife is not exactly fluffy clouds, harps and Saint Peter. What will Andy do about his dead wives? He has three of them, all chomping at the bit to see Andy again but none of them quite how Andy remembers.
With Jesus Christ and Adolph Hitler dishing out advice, Andy might make the right decision and be happy for all eternity. This black comedy takes Andy on the trip of a death time and leaves him to make choices he’d never dream he would ever have to make.

A brilliantly witty and hilarious play by Colin Smith

Heirs to the Kingdom Book Seven: The Bridge of Sequana. (First Edition)
Author: Robin John Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299173
Paper Back: 358 pages
Published 6th September 2016.

The end is near, the dream is shattered, and hope is fading.
The Woodland Realm has fallen to the dark world, and is caught in an endless war masterminded by the vile and cruel Lance Knox.
The once busy town at Loxley, no longer visible and hidden behind the high stone walls built with magic by the dark sorceress of the Raven, shrouded in silence can offer no support as the last bastion of freedom gathers.
Questions lie unanswered, as with each passing minute the future looks bleaker. With Runestone trapped, and the Green Lord of the woodland missing, the hopes and dreams of the green realm are dying. The only hope now lies with The Seer of Fae.
Heirs to the Kingdom Book Seven : Bridge of Sequana
The Most Desperate, Gripping, Heart-breaking,  and Mind Blowing Instalment of the series to date.
Pergrinations of the Wordsmith     First Edition.
Author: Ted Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299180
Paper Back 98 Pages
Published 18th November 2016

Following on from what was his successful debut, Wordsmith’s Wanderings.
Ted presents us with yet more captivating and inspiring poems and rhymes, based on his experiences of life today, and from his past 70+ years. This collection of deeply thoughtful and at times very humorous poems and rhymes, encapsulates a life that has involved, National Service, Mountaineering, and a career as a Psychiatric Nurse, all of which have presented the best and the worst aspects of life.
Using his own personal experiences, Peregrinations of the Wordsmith, will move you deeply and also cheer you on with his frank and straight laced humour, as he observes life through the eyes of a Wordsmith. Another delightful and beautiful collection from Ted, and a wonderful follow on to Wordsmith’s Wanderings.

Silhouette Soldiers And Other Verse     First Edition.
Author: Ted Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299197
Paper Back 86 Pages
Published 19th June 2019

Another wonderful selection of Poems and Verse, taken from his long life.

Silhouette Soldiers takes a look across the whole of Ted’s life, and shows how events before his birth played a vital role in shaping the life and the person he is today. Yet another thought provoking, and at times humorous take on the life of a reflective man.
Heirs to the Kingdom Book Eight: The Circle of Darkness. (First Edition)
Author: Robin John Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299265
Paper Back: 390 pages
Published 5th July 2020.

Time is running out, Loxley has been surrounded, and the stranger Ena knew the truth. She had named Morgan ‘Berengar’, but what did that mean?

The simple truth was, like a phantom she had arisen out of the tales of yesteryear, and her past was hidden behind the darkness of her deeds. Together, with Runestone at his side, Robbie has to find out what lies in the heritage of Morgan, together they must discover her secrets, and use them with force to defeat all of her devious and despicable family.

It was time to lift the circle of darkness and look to the start of all things, and no one was sure as to what they would find and face. Heirs to the Kingdom Book Eight will reveal all and come to its final gripping conclusion as everything comes full circle, and the answers to everything will be revealed.

Abigail's Summer. Curio Chronicles Part One. (First Edition)
Author: Robin John Morgan.
ISBN: 978-1910299272
Paper Back: 438 pages
Published 27th May 2021.

Blonde haired, blue eyed, Abigail Watson, was a shining example of rural youth life. University was over, after a year away it was time to come home for the summer, and suddenly that was a problem. Abigail had changed.

   In the perfect picturesque village of Wotton Dursley, where nothing ever change's, repression is the sociably accepted norm, gossip is rife and how things look is of the greatest importance. Two cultures were about to collide, as young idealism meets entrenched rural views, and with her best friend Birch, a crazy wild, liberated wiccan naturist, training in sexual psychology, in tow, it could only spell chaos.

   This is a powerful and thought proving read, which is irreverent and hysterical at times, coming of age and slice of life story. A no frills, modern, contemporary look at life today, through the eyes of young nineteen year olds, living their life on their own terms.

   Based on his life observations, and experiences, in supportive friendships, this is brilliantly funny, thought provoking, and at times a little shocking.

A must read book, from Robin John Morgan, author of Heirs to the Kingdom.