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Author Robin John Morgan
Robin John Morgan.

Born February 1964, In Cheadle, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

Married with Three children.

Describes himself as : Day dreamer, philosopher on life, fantasy geek, people watcher, natural researcher because I am nosey, open minded liberal, and lover of plants, trees and all things wild.

Current project : Writing the series of fantasy/adventure stories, Heirs to the Kingdom

Web site : www.heirstothekingdom.com

Working Life/History : Initially trained as a chef and hotel manager at college, although back then I had no idea what I really wanted, and the decision was made for me. I finished college, dumped catering, as I realised I wanted to work in the field of horticulture. Have since spent the last 30 years of my life working with plants, pretty much trying all fields of horticulture apart from greens keeping, which to me is tedious and boring, hate mown grass its unnatural. I have specialised in indoor plants, Bonsai, container gardening, and perennial border plants, but loved being alone in the greenhouse growing new plants most of all.

Worked at large Garden Centre at Daisy Nook, Failsworth, for 12 years, before striking out on my own as a Bonsai wholesaler and demonstrator, and slowly built up my own business to include all aspects of garden plants and supplies as a an open market trader, before settling into a shop on Denton Market, Manchester.

Been a writer and teller of tales and poems all my life, but never considered doing anything with it, as it was just something I did as a creative outlet and for relaxation. Fell into writing a book quite by accident back in 2006, when I begrudgingly allowed some friends to read a story that had preoccupied my time for some years. It was very rough and I felt a little insecure about allowing others to read it, but found myself very surprised when they all raved about it. Was finally persuaded to seek a publication deal by my father, who surprised me the most when he read the book and also loved it, considering it was very fantasy based I just assumed it was not his kind of reading and he would hate it.  After an exhausted search for a publisher with a growing demand from friends for a finished book, I finally was recommended to use a new self publishing company and the first book came out in 2009. I was very surprised at who read it and contacted me to let me know how much they enjoyed it, and so have continued to write the rest of the series.

In 2007 when the council decided to redevelop the site I was working on, despite my objections, I found myself with no place to continue my business so wrapped it up and moved into writing full time, where I have enjoyed being home and warm and surrounded by my family.

In late 2014 I made the decision to change publishers and correct a few things about the stories I was not happy with. Throughout January 2014 I revised all my work and put out new formats via VCP to be published as 2nd editions and release the fourth book in the HTTK series. I am currently working on completeing the rest of the series, as well as working out plots for other projects.

Future Outlook : If I can raise enough to pay the bills writing, I will continue to do so.
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